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Equipping our Children with Knowledge for the Digital Age

Even more than the advent of the automobile, the Internet is hurtling us forward and transforming every part of our lives. From a computer that once took up an entire room to a wearable implanted chip, we watch, wear, and are connected almost every moment of the day; and night. Children today have never known […]

#BYND2015 – national hubs promoting youth engagement at the global level

By definition, #BYND2015 is a Global Youth Summit, and as part of our long-term goal to connect the unconnected, during the Summit there will be a number of hubs around the world that are going to be set up and run by enthusiastic young people that want to contribute to making the world a better […]

BYND 2015: Connecting a generation on International Youth Day

On International Youth Day today, I wanted to share my trip to the annual Youth Assembly at the UN in New York on Wednesday last week where I spoke to a fantastic audience of young people and got the chance to explain our exciting and innovative plans for the #BYND2015 Global Youth Summit taking place […]

Child Online Protection – the aims of policy

Children and young people in all parts of the world now access the internet using a broad range of devices. Several of these devices are highly portable and it is therefore no longer practical to rely solely on a parent or teacher being able to support or supervise a child’s or a young person’s internet […]