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Mainstreaming Accessibility: Deafblindness, Assistive Technology and Advocacy

As a deaf-blind person, I’ve had to fight for seemingly trivial things like the right to access cafeteria menus or participate in rock-climbing. Most of the barriers I have encountered stemmed from misunderstandings by people unfamiliar with accommodations for people with disabilities. Through guidance from teachers and parents, I learned to educate community members about […]

Case Studies on eHealth: Achieving MDGs

Eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were agreed upon by world leaders at the Millennium Summit in 2000, which aimed at reducing world poverty, increasing the rate of development and improving global health. Goal 4 was set up to reduce child mortality and Goal 5 was set up to improve maternal health. According to WHO, achieving […]

ICT Accessibility requires available and affordable technology

 “When we talk of ICT in disability & development, the emphasis should also be on availability and affordability of technology,”  Javed Abidi, Chairperson, Disabled People’s International (DPI). Today, the linkage between disability and development is getting increasingly recognised in light of the growing discourse on the post-2015 development agenda. However, not many are talking about […]

#BYND2015 Hackathon – 24 hours to hack the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

At the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), we are committed to connecting the world through the use of innovative technology solutions. As part of that commitment, we recognize that we are living through a time when technology is increasingly being called upon to solve, or at least aid, the social, economic and financial problems that we […]

Empowering young women through Technology

Recently I had the pleasure to participate in a Google hangout to discuss how we can best empower young women through technology, a topic which is top of the ITU agenda and one to which I am personally very committed. Geena Davis, who relentlessly champions gender equality in the media and is also the ITU’s […]