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Limiting the abuse of market dominance by standards-essential patents

Standards serve the public interest in a variety of ways by increasing product quality and consumer choice, offering products an entrance to global markets, bringing costs down for vendors and consumers, and acting as fundamental tools to enable the interoperability of ICT networks and devices. Licensing of standards-essential patents (SEPs) on reasonable and non-discriminatory (RAND) […]

Perspectives on the current patent wars in the ICT industry

As a specialized agency of the United Nations and international standard development organization with a mandate to connect the world, ITU relies on the existence of a healthy and robust standards ecosystem. ITU’s aim has always been, through the adoption of its RAND-based patent policy, to strike a working balance between the various interests of […]

Patent roundtable seeks to provide a way forward

Yesterday the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a UN agency that co-developed (for one example) the H.264 video codec standard, held a patent roundtable to discuss the implications of widespread patent litigation in the wireless devices industry. Closed-door working group talks are continuing through Friday, and ITU officials noted at the press conference that the working group will […]