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The new privacy debate: ensuring privacy in a ‘mixed reality’ world

“I’m taking everybody’s privacy away!” Robert Scoble, Entrepreneur in Residence at Upload VR, declared during his Centre Stage debate at Web Summit 2016. Wearing a pair of Microsoft HoloLens’, next-generation “mixed reality” glasses, Scoble debated whether we are sacrificing too much of our privacy in the name of technological advancement. “You’re going to have glasses […]

Can privacy policies evolve with Smart City technology? A test case in Kansas City

Smart cities are key to easing the effects of rapid urbanization worldwide and the number of smart cities is expected to quadruple from 21 in 2013 to at least 88 by 2025. But as smart cities integrate information and communication technology (ICT) solutions to reduce traffic, lower carbon emissions and increase urban efficiencies, they are gathering large […]

How can ICT standards help align privacy and security? Experts share insight at GSS

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have dramatically improved real-time communication worldwide. However, they bring about a host of privacy and security challenges. ITU’s third Global Standards Symposium (GSS) brought together a diverse range of thought leaders to discuss these challenges on Monday, on the eve of ITU’s quadrennial World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-16) in Hammamet, […]

Real Cybersecurity Requires Complete Cooperation

In today’s digital society, it is important to recognise the impact of cyberspace on our world. In particular, the relevance of cybersecurity has continued to grow. Cybersecurity is a complex and multi-faceted issue, with many dimensions including: National security; Upholding universally-held values of freedom of expression and privacy; The need for the equitable inclusiveness of […]

Child Online Protection: accessible but safer Internet

At the mere touch of a button, the younger generation can call up the entire history of humanity, explore every corner of our planet, experience scientific discovery in all its various forms and communicate with anyone they want to, anywhere, irrespective of their race, age or nationality. Digital technology brings the wider world right into […]