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Samsung and Huawei: What propels telecom’s ‘top innovators’? 

Samsung and Huawei are telecom’s most innovative companies, according to a recent Thomson Reuters global survey of patents and scientific reports, The Future is Open: 2015 State of Innovation. The top two companies ranked higher than other big names, such as LG, Ericsson, Sony, and Fujitsu. But how? Both have demonstrated that innovation requires an […]

Will patent wars disrupt innovation in the 5G era?

Innovations in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) account for nearly 40 per cent of all patents awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The ICT industry is one of the most innovative the world has ever seen. It is home to an extraordinary volume of intellectual property rights (IPR), and […]

Another record year for the EPO

The EPO (European Patent Office) has for some time now enjoyed a close and very successful cooperation with Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs) with the ITU being a leading example in the telecommunications area. This fast moving and particularly successful high-technology industry has contributed significantly to the continued growth in filings at the EPO, which reached […]