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How mobile phones can be used to fight diseases like Ebola

Novel methods of communicating can break down discrimination and dangerous misinformation. RAISING AWARENESS ABOUT HIV amongst sex workers in Thailand can be a difficult task. Why? Because barriers such as stigma and discrimination exist. To overcome such barriers, methods of education and awareness-building have to be innovative; and this was certainly the case when I […]

Does almost everyone have a phone?

Findings from the ITU suggest that the answer to this question is not as simple as it might seem. It is estimated that by the end of 2013, there will be nearly as many mobile subscriptions worldwide as there are people on Earth, with more than half of these subscriptions in the Asia-Pacific region. If […]

mHealth: the Opportunity for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)

Mobile phones are the most rapidly adopted technology in the world: next year, there will be more mobile phones than human beings on this planet. For all of us who work in global health the question is how can we leverage the power of these billions of mobile phones to advance global health goals? This […]

Scaling up evidence-based mhealth to fight NCDs

Mobile Phones are now considered essential tools for health workers. It was with great pleasure that I participated in a recent event at the 66th World Health Assembly on mHealth for Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), an important topic for all of us. ICTs have become key enablers in every facet of human activity – from healthcare […]

Rating mobile handsets for environmental impact

One of the greatest challenges for society today is to manage the environmental impact of the way we live and the products we consume. As more focus is put on the overall sustainability of our lifestyle choices, a number of companies have responded by providing consumers with information on the eco-impact of the products they […]

Enabling sustainable, economic well-being through mobile technology

Mobile networks are increasingly transforming our lives in numerous ways. This phenomenon is most compelling in emerging and developing markets. Technological platforms – first mobile, and now broadband – are unique levelers for society. They enable access to economic opportunities and social welfare which would previously have been out of reach for many. In India, […]