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Sharing Knowledge to Improve Lives – ITU and Academia

Presenting a Mobile Telemedicine Station One of the exciting things about being an academic is having the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to help solve significant challenges that the world is facing today. Unequal access to healthcare is one such challenge that persists in many countries around the world. Such inequalities are often exacerbated and more pronounced when natural disaster strikes; landslides, earthquakes, […]

Women and Technology: Increasing Opportunity and Driving International Development

On 17 November, Geena Davis, ITU Special Envoy for Women and Girls in ICTs, gave a speech to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on the theme of ‘Women and Technology: Increasing Opportunity and Driving International Development’ where she stressed the importance of gender equality in technology. I have spent most of my adult life […]

How Big Data will help fight global epidemics

Big data and its application for saving lives is maturing. Today, big data is being used to help manage disease outbreaks, enabling humanitarian agencies and NGOs to see trends and correlations, helping them to interpret the data to aid effective decision making. ITU have developed an innovative new project that uses big data to help […]

ITU’s Role in Ensuring Safe Maritime Navigation

Over 90 per cent of the world’s trade is transported by sea. Therefore, safe navigation holds a great significance not just for the ships’ crew, but for the world’s economy. Through the Radicommunication Sector (ITU-R), ITU works to develop and update maritime communications systems and to improve the safety record of shipping. ITU does this […]

Ensuring Equal and Effective Communications for All

There have been significant advances in communications technology for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing since the introduction of text phones. Yet, there are still some issues to overcome if we are to achieve true equal and effective communications for all. Today, people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing are able to communicate with […]

#ITU150 Celebrations in the UAE

This year, ITU celebrates 150 years of connecting the world to the most advanced and innovative means of communication, from the days of the telegraph to the telephone, television, Internet and mobile broadband. ITU Members have been marking this historic occasion, organizing events highlighting information and communication technologies (ICT) as drivers of innovation and sustainable […]

Digital Divide Progress Report: 15 Year Review

Information and communication technologies (ICT) have driven global development in an unprecedented way, providing huge opportunities for social and economic development. Billions of people enjoy access to ICTs thanks to technological progress, infrastructure deployment and falling prices. The ICT industry has experienced incredible growth over the past 15 years. In 2000, there were 400 million […]