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Ahead of its Group meeting in Geneva on 14 December, Sacha Polverini, Chairman of ITU’s Focus Group on Digital Financial Services, looks at the challenges facing regulators within the sector, and how the work undertaken by various international organizations could provide the right framework to take an emerging new industry to the next level. With […]

Playing Well with Others – Interoperability & Mobile Money

The potential for mobile money platforms to drive economic development and financial inclusion is enormous. In frontier and emerging markets, particularly Africa, pioneering platforms have been transformational in delivering a range of financial services to under-banked and unbanked communities. But as the number of platforms increases – many with different operating models and user requirements […]

Interoperability in the Age of IoT

At its most fundamental level in the context of the digital ecosystem, interoperability is the ability to transfer and render useful data and other information across systems, applications, or components. As a concept interoperability is central, and yet often invisible, to many parts of a highly interconnected modern society. The fact that someone can make […]

Interoperability essential for delivering connected healthcare

Continua Health Alliance has established industry standards for end-to-end plug-and-play interoperability for personal connected health devices and systems. Together with ITU, we will promote these standards as the open, global, common interoperability standards for the personal connected health industry. The prevention and management of chronic conditions – such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and heart failure […]