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IPv6 Development and Infrastructure essential for continued growth of the Internet

We are living in an increasingly connected world, where technology is becoming ever-more pervasive in daily life and the next generation of networks and services are bringing unparalleled benefits and opportunities to industries such as healthcare, transport and education. Yet technological development cannot take place without an adequate infrastructure to reinforce it; advanced Internet capacity […]

Is Copper the Future of Fibre? G.Fast and the Battle of Bandwidth

Attendees at the recent Fixed Access Networks Summit in Berlin contributed to a lively conference. In focus was the upcoming and innovative ITU-T G.fast standard and its potential, in unison with vectoring techniques, to inject new life into existing telephone wire infrastructure in the predominantly copper ‘last mile’ (between the exchange, where fibre ‘drops’, and […]

Telecoms: the case for transformation

An overview of a video interview with Paul Budde, Independent analyst at #WCIT12 Among the policies being presented and deliberated at WCIT-12 is a concentration on the real issue of the need to connect the whole world in terms of telecommunications and Internet broadband. According to Paul Budde, what has been clear during the first week […]

Technological solutions to assist vulnerable user groups online

The majority of social network site users around the world are young people. Various issues regarding their involvement in social media have been well documented in many reports such as the one by ACMA in Australia. As we have seen in cases around the globe, some of these youngsters are rather naïve. Teenagers are inclined […]