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Telenor Open Mind: Opening the Doors to the Labour Market

I believe that the key to disability inclusion is through the labour market. One technology company is leading the way in inclusive hiring, and has nearly twenty years of success in providing meaningful employment opportunities and training to people with disabilities. The Norwegian company Telenor is among the world’s major mobile operators with more than […]

Young Innovators Competition Issue a Series of Challenges for 2014

The Young Innovators Programme has just closed submissions on the first challenge of its 2014 Young Innovators Competition. The challenge, focused on Local Digital Content, attracted 205 ideas from 55 countries. An online community of over 4500 users helped to refine the ideas, submitting 2361 votes and 1100 comments. A closer look at the process, […]

Adapting ICT infrastructures to cope with climate change

We are only now beginning to understand how climate change is impacting our world. It is changing the lives of every one of us, and research suggests that these impacts are likely to accelerate in the future. There are many practical steps we can take to adapt to climate change, and new research points to […]

Do we need a global cybersecurity framework?

This issue is particularly topical, it is of rising importance globally and affects all of us – whether we realise it or not. In terms of global communications, we are living through the most exciting period in human history. There are almost as many mobile subscriptions as there are people on the planet and by […]

Time to Index Cybersecurity Capacities

The Internet is a singular force majeure.  Fuelled by dynamic technological advances and a growing number of connected people and machines, it has created a rich digital environment. However this same growth has also intensified the opportunities for malicious exploit. The Internet’s borderless nature has inevitably facilitated the emergence of advanced threats. Despite significant efforts […]