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Closing the gender gap in Asia Pacific: How can we make progress?

Today, society has made commendable progress on the road to achieving socio-economic gender parity. We have much to be optimistic about with women in developing markets: the 2016 Mastercard Index of Women’s Advancement revealed that more women than men enroll in tertiary education in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. However, Asian nations have a […]

Perspectives from Pakistan – Women in ICT Engineering

“Why are you wasting your time and money on engineering? All you’ll ever be is a housewife,” said one discouraging voice. Another spoke softly, “You poor soul, engineering isn’t for women.” A professor in my first year of engineering studies said on multiple occasions that she didn’t want to ‘waste’ a lot of time trying […]

GEM-TECH awards: Nominate a leader in ICT gender equality!

Companies, government offices, NGOs and individuals are urged to get their nominations in for the annual Gender Equality and Mainstreaming in Technology (GEM-TECH) Awards, a joint ITU/UN Women prize recognizing outstanding efforts in using the power of information and communication technology (ICT) to empower women and girls. Online nominations are open until 23:59 EDT on […]

What the GEM-TECH Awards mean to me

In late October 2014, I travelled to Busan, Republic of Korea, to collect one of the first GEM-Tech Awards at ITU’s 2014 Plenipotentiary Conference. I was deeply honored to accept the award on behalf of the 40,000 marginalized young students of iMerit and our sister company, Anudip Foundation, who have been mainstreamed into digital jobs and […]