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#Ewaste recycling: 2020 Tokyo Olympic organizers go for gold

# Japan announced that the Olympic medals for the 2020 Games in Tokyo could be made from recycled e-waste. Japan produced 17.3 kilograms of electronic waste per person in 2013, and the Nikkei Asian Review reported that the recovered gold and silver from small consumer electronics in Japan is equivalent to 16% and 22% of the world’s total […]

Tackling e-waste: ITU drives solutions

ITU Deputy Secretary-General Malcolm Johnson delivered the following remarks to open a joint United Nations workshop on sustainable management of e-waste during the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva on May 5, 2016. Below is an excerpt of his remarks. E-waste is generated by a wide variety of obsolete and discarded ICT devices. While […]

Turning the e-Waste challenge into an opportunity

As an issue spanning geo-political, developmental and environmental concerns, e-waste is a recurrent theme in the environmental agenda of countries, the ICT industry media and a strong focus for international organizations. It’s an issue that evokes concerns of exploitation of developing countries and pollution in developed and developing countries alike. At the same time it […]

WCIT-12 enshrines environmental sustainability in global ICT treaty

Delegates at WCIT-12 have sounded global agreement on the need for the next phase of ICT development to prioritize environmental sustainability, reaching consensus on the inclusion of a provision targeting “energy efficiency and e-waste” in drafts of what will become 2012’s set of International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs). The ITRs provide countries across the world with […]