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“Access to ICTs has been vital for me to achieve full participation in all aspects of life”

In addition to providing news, entertainment and rapid communication, ICTs (information and communication technologies) allow people access to vital services such as e-government, e-books, digital libraries and e-banking. However, there is a lack of awareness among developers and manufacturers of the need for ensuring that ICTs are accessible for people with disabilities– either as part […]

Working with our Members to promote ICT access for persons with disabilities

According to the World Report on Disability – issued jointly by the World Health Organization and the World Bank – approximately one billion people worldwide live with some form of disability. The importance of extending ICTs to persons with disabilities and special need has become more critical than ever. Within this context, Article 8B in […]

ITU celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

There are approximately 1 billion people living with some form of disability around the world. This represents 15 per cent of the global population. It is within this context, that the International Day of People with Disabilities is observed on the 3rd of December every year. This event aims to raise awareness for the need […]