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Young ICT Policy Leaders: Feedback from an innovative programme

The Republic of Korea is a land where innovation is gathering speed. I have been discovering this over the past few weeks during the various sessions of the Young ICT Policy Leaders (YIPL) training programme. Established by ITU, this programme gave young people under 35 years of age the unique and exclusive opportunity to gain […]

The importance of Information and Communication Technologies in Building an Inclusive Society

Over the coming weeks, ITU’s 193 Member States will be meeting in Busan, Republic of Korea for the 2014 Plenipotentiary Conference. This event is of great importance for the information and communication technology (ICT) sector, as ITU Member States will approve a Strategic Plan which ITU will implement over the next four years with the […]

Equipping our Children with Knowledge for the Digital Age

Even more than the advent of the automobile, the Internet is hurtling us forward and transforming every part of our lives. From a computer that once took up an entire room to a wearable implanted chip, we watch, wear, and are connected almost every moment of the day; and night. Children today have never known […]

A global information society: Are we there yet?

The concept of a global information society is one of the most discussed and misunderstood “Big Ideas” of our time. While we’ve made gigantic strides toward connecting the world through information and communication technologies (ICTs), we have not attained that goal. Over the last decade, ICTs have contributed to globalization, shaped economies, transformed society and […]

Africa’s future is clear: Youth, Technology & Broadband

Technology is not an end unto itself. While it needs to reward shareholders and management, it has to address the improvement of human well-being. At its core it has to place the values of equity, justice and human dignity. Only then will it drive a revolution of ethics and morality that resolve the grand challenge […]