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Will Facebook’s OpenCellular boost remote Internet access?

Facebook’s recently introduced OpenCellular project hopes to deliver wireless Internet access to the 10 per cent of the world’s population that lives in the most remote places – outside the range of existing cellular networks, and with no access to the Internet. OpenCellular is linked to a flurry of recent Facebook projects to connect the 4 billion still […]

Measuring the Information Society Report 2015

ITU’s flagship annual Measuring the Information Society Report, released on 30 November 2015, gives an overview of information society developments as we reach the cusp between the end of the Millennium Development Goals and the beginning of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Republic of Korea tops the ICT Development Index (IDI) this year, with Denmark […]

Sharing Knowledge to Improve Lives – ITU and Academia

Presenting a Mobile Telemedicine Station One of the exciting things about being an academic is having the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to help solve significant challenges that the world is facing today. Unequal access to healthcare is one such challenge that persists in many countries around the world. Such inequalities are often exacerbated and more pronounced when natural disaster strikes; landslides, earthquakes, […]

New ICT Development Index (IDI) to be released next week

Next week, on 30 November 2015, ITU will release the annual ICT Development Index (IDI), the most accurate global analysis of information and communication technology (ICT) development. The IDI is a powerful benchmark that helps countries and development partners track their progress and identify gaps so that ICTs can reach their full potential as drivers […]

Can collaboration keep pace with ICT change?

A call to action from BDT Director, Brahima Sanou The world’s most pressing information and communication technology (ICT) issues are being discussed and debated by a wide variety of key stakeholders at this week’s ITU Telecom World 2015 event in Budapest, Hungary. During the first day of the event, Brahima Sanou, Director of the International […]

How Big Data will help fight global epidemics

Big data and its application for saving lives is maturing. Today, big data is being used to help manage disease outbreaks, enabling humanitarian agencies and NGOs to see trends and correlations, helping them to interpret the data to aid effective decision making. ITU have developed an innovative new project that uses big data to help […]

New report further supports catalytic role of #ICT4SDG

Ericsson and the Earth Institute at Columbia University have presented key findings from new research that highlights how information and communication technology (ICT), and in particular mobile technology, can help accelerate the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that are expected to be passed this week by the UN General Assembly. ICTs key to […]