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Empowering Africa’s Future Digital Citizens

ITU’s Regional Office for Africa is committed to assisting countries develop a comprehensive Child Online Protection (COP) response that involves action from a diversity of governmental and non-governmental stakeholders across a range of sectors. We are ready to engage with countries in the African region in the design and implementation of effective COP strategies. ITU is […]

Equipping our Children with Knowledge for the Digital Age

Even more than the advent of the automobile, the Internet is hurtling us forward and transforming every part of our lives. From a computer that once took up an entire room to a wearable implanted chip, we watch, wear, and are connected almost every moment of the day; and night. Children today have never known […]

Industry Partnerships Key to Advancing Children’s Rights Online

In today’s world of convergence media, the lines between different parts of the information and communication technology (ICT) industry are becoming blurred, presenting a new array of challenges in protecting children in cyberspace. Industry cooperation and partnership are more necessary than ever in building a safe and empowering cyber infrastructure for future generations. ITU is […]

Child Online Protection – the aims of policy

Children and young people in all parts of the world now access the internet using a broad range of devices. Several of these devices are highly portable and it is therefore no longer practical to rely solely on a parent or teacher being able to support or supervise a child’s or a young person’s internet […]

Safer Internet Day 2013 focuses on online rights and responsibilities

Our children are our future. This universal fact, coupled with young people’s particular vulnerability in an online environment necessitates the need to promote safer and more responsible use of the Internet and Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) amongst children and young people around the world. The 10th annual Safer Internet Day -which took place on 5 […]

Child Online Protection: accessible but safer Internet

At the mere touch of a button, the younger generation can call up the entire history of humanity, explore every corner of our planet, experience scientific discovery in all its various forms and communicate with anyone they want to, anywhere, irrespective of their race, age or nationality. Digital technology brings the wider world right into […]