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Empowering Africa’s Future Digital Citizens

ITU’s Regional Office for Africa is committed to assisting countries develop a comprehensive Child Online Protection (COP) response that involves action from a diversity of governmental and non-governmental stakeholders across a range of sectors. We are ready to engage with countries in the African region in the design and implementation of effective COP strategies. ITU is […]

How mobile phones can be used to fight diseases like Ebola

Novel methods of communicating can break down discrimination and dangerous misinformation. RAISING AWARENESS ABOUT HIV amongst sex workers in Thailand can be a difficult task. Why? Because barriers such as stigma and discrimination exist. To overcome such barriers, methods of education and awareness-building have to be innovative; and this was certainly the case when I […]

Africa’s future is clear: Youth, Technology & Broadband

Technology is not an end unto itself. While it needs to reward shareholders and management, it has to address the improvement of human well-being. At its core it has to place the values of equity, justice and human dignity. Only then will it drive a revolution of ethics and morality that resolve the grand challenge […]

Boosting energy efficiency through smart grids

Through harnessing the power of Information Communication Technologies (ICT), a future of lean and clean energy is possible. A new report commissioned by the ITU titled, “Boosting energy efficiency through Smart Grids,” outlines how ICT can help mitigate climate change by building a more controllable and efficient energy system. A smart grid is an electricity […]