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Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities – an opportunity for Telecoms that benefits everyone

The numbers and the business case for providing information and communication technology (ICT) accessibility to people with disabilities are compelling. With a billion people in the world (nearly 1 in 7) suffering from some form of disability, most of us will be impacted at some point in our lives. More than 75% of those older […]

The Road to a Fully Accessible Future

For persons with disabilities (PwD), access to information and communication technology (ICT) is vital for their inclusion in modern society, enabling access to key public services such as healthcare and government services, access to the job market, communication and social integration. But this cannot be achieved unless ICTs are accessible. ITU was one of the […]

My Life Advocating for Accessible ICTs

ICTs help persons with disabilities (PwD) overcome issues of access, be that to education, employment, or physical mobility. Throughout the world, persons living with disabilities are already benefitting from the advantages of ICT-enabled applications. But more needs to be done to make ICTs accessible to persons living with disabilities, so these technologies constitute an opportunity and not a […]

It’s all about Accessibility!

Accessibility in information and communication technology (ICT) is intrinsically linked to ITU’s 150 year history of innovation, yet it has struggled to keep pace with the extraordinary advances in technology of recent years. Universal access to adequate and affordable technology remains a key challenge for people with disabilities. As a teacher of the deaf, Alexander […]

Accessible Americas: Information and Communications for ALL

Accessible Americas: Information and Communication for ALL is a landmark event aimed at identifying accessibility implementation practices for stakeholders in the Americas Region. Held in Sao Paolo from the 12 – 14 November 2014, the focus will be on how these stakeholders can ensure that assistive technology and accessible Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are widely […]