We are facing a crossroads in health care. With an aging population and globalization facilitating the spread of disease, significant challenges have emerged. However, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and biological models are providing more answers. By combining the complex elements of human biology with the computational power of AI, we can pave a […]

ITU News interviewed Dr Nora Khaldi, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Nuritas™ and Emmet Browne, Chief Executive Officer, Nuritas™ Dr Khaldi, can you tell us about what Nuritas™ does and how it uses AI for good? NK — Nuritas™ is the first company in the world to use artificial intelligence and proteom­ics to find and […]

Farmers spend nearly half of their operational budgets on agrochemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. Unfortunately, they usually apply these to entire fields at a time, which generates high chemical costs and decreases the efficacy of the chemicals. Such widespread application of chemicals harms the environment, endangers human health, and increases the likelihood of chem­ical-resistance […]

Renowned artificial intelligence (AI) expert Stephen Ibaraki recently interviewed Jiang (John) Chen, the founder of WikiOmni and Word4App about why he is supporting the AI for Good Global Summit (AGGS) this June in Geneva, Switzerland. Below is an excerpted version of the interview. Q: Personally, professionally, and as founder of WikiOmni and Word4App, why are you supporting … AGGS? A: […]

How did a Malaysian video-streaming service, DailyTV, gain 1 million users within the first year of launch? “We filled up this platform with the best local content, we launched our services, and it just kicked off,” says Kevin Saw, CEO and co-founder of Evangeline Verto, the company that produced the popular platform. Mr. Saw’s comments […]

Only 5% of the world’s existing languages are readily accessible on the Internet according to the Broadband Commission. With more than 7,000 distinct languages in use around the world, many of them are at risk of going extinct. To ensure that the world’s abundance of linguistic diversity is well-preserved, there are international efforts needed to ensure […]

Intel launches its Connected Logistics Platform Honeywell unveils its Connected Freight solution, based on CLP Sensors tags monitor a wide range of environmental indicators Cloud-based solution and data analytics help create optimal route planning Intel has partnered with Honeywell to help curb the worldwide financial impact from cargo loss as products journey through the supply […]