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Why IEEE’s Computer Society Chair supports the AI for Good Global Summit: Q&A

Renowned artificial intelligence (AI) expert Stephen Ibaraki recently interviewed Andy Chen, the Computer Society Chair of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE) and President & CEO of the Catronic Enterprise consulting firm, about why IEEE is supporting the AI for Good Global Summit (AGGS) this June in Geneva, Switzerland. Below is an excerpted version of the […]

Big data for social good: How Telenor is using big data to tackle big problems

17 May is World Telecommunication and Information Society Day with the theme “Big Data for Big Impact.” ITU and our members are exploring how Big Data can help solve the world’s biggest challenges.  In the quest to find sustainable long-term solutions to social challenges, Telenor Group’s vision to empower societies is an ambition to create shared value […]

Preparing for an AI-driven society

Like major transformations before it, Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to transform our lives and to lead us to a better world, while creating even greater impact for business and society. Already, machines and programs that can sense, learn, reason, and act, are tackling large-scale global challenges in a variety of fields, including science, medicine, education, […]

Women’s digital inclusion is key to sustainable economic growth

Last week, as thousands of young women participated in International Girls in ICT Day events around the globe, the ‘W20’ in Germany issued a declaration, entitled “Putting Gender Equality at the Core of the G20.” The declaration stated that “the G20’s goal of inclusive and sustainable economic growth in an interconnected world will not be […]

Inclusive e-commerce as catalyst for future economic growth: Alibaba’s Jack Ma

Jack Ma, founder and Chairman of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba – and the United Nations’ Special Advisor for Youth, Entrepreneurship and Small Business at UNCTAD — inspired audiences at UNCTAD’s E-Commerce Week on the theme of inclusive e-commerce. As one of the most anticipated events of the week, the Digital Transformation for All: Empowering Entrepreneurs and […]

G20 digital economy meeting highlights key role of ICTs

Last week’s G20 Digital Economy Ministerial Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany marked the first such meeting of digital ministers of the 19 leading economic nations and the European Union (G20). The conference was one of several ministerial-level meetings held to discuss individual G20 topics in-depth in preparation for the G20 Summit on 7-8 July in Hamburg, Germany. It established a general agreement […]

North American CTOs highlight importance of 5G standardization

Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) of leading ICT companies in North America have reaffirmed that fixed-mobile convergence will be fundamental to the success of 5G systems. CTOs have also highlighted the great promise of information-centric networking to assist dynamic, performance-oriented management of ICT service quality, in addition acknowledging that high-performance 5G signal processing will demand significant […]