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What will the rise of open source mean for standardization and 5G?

Open-source software makes its source code free for all to use, alter and share, giving a community of developers the freedom to extend software’s functionality and applicability. Industry players developing proprietary software were among the first to feel the disruption from open-source developments, but with the emergence of network ‘softwarization’ – demonstrated by the growing […]

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Report: Smart Cities need standardized IoT

Smart City planners might be tempted to go for non-open standard IoT solutions Extra costs will result The solution is to push for open standards Smart City planners may be in a somewhat of a double bind. On the one hand they want to deploy technology now to pursue various goals around power or traffic […]

G.FAST BLOG Providers worldwide step up trials to meet broadband demand

The demand for superfast broadband is growing as bandwidth-intensive services such as Ultra-HD streaming, next-generation IPTV, communications via HD video and advanced cloud-based storage become the norm. Fibre-optic Internet access enables the fastest connections, but in urban areas already wired with legacy copper telephone wiring, deploying Fibre to the Home (FTTH) services may not be […]

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Huawei reaffirms #IoT as a top priority

Forecasts there will be 100 billion physical connections in 2025 Number of virtual connections will exceed 1 trillion Commercial deployment of its NB-IoT solution expected Q3 this year Image: Patrick Zhang © Huawei At its Global Analyst Summit yesterday, Huawei announced that the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of its strategic priorities. No surprise, […]

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A City’s journey towards Smart Sustainability

We see cities today grappling with the impact of climate change, while at the same time tackling issues of waste management, health, outdated infrastructures, resource scarcity, air pollution, congestion and inadequate housing, etc.  The international community has realized the urgency linked to various urban challenges leading to exploration of diverse approaches to deal with urban […]


Always-on Internet and the importance of traffic management to 5G and OTT

Enabling free and open exchange of information was one of the founding principles of the Internet. Upholding this principle calls for constant innovation, with the ICT community always in search of smarter ways to increase the carrying capacity and routing efficiency of the world’s networks. This search is endless. The volume of traffic running over […]


The Road to a Fully Accessible Future

For persons with disabilities (PwD), access to information and communication technology (ICT) is vital for their inclusion in modern society, enabling access to key public services such as healthcare and government services, access to the job market, communication and social integration. But this cannot be achieved unless ICTs are accessible. ITU was one of the […]


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