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AI for Good: Merging biology and AI – the future of health care

We are facing a crossroads in health care. With an aging population and globalization facilitating the spread of disease, significant challenges have emerged. However, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and biological models are providing more answers. By combining the complex elements of human biology with the computational power of AI, we can pave a […]

AI for Good: Unlocking health-promoting benefits with AI (Q&A)

ITU News interviewed Dr Nora Khaldi, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Nuritas™ and Emmet Browne, Chief Executive Officer, Nuritas™ Dr Khaldi, can you tell us about what Nuritas™ does and how it uses AI for good? NK — Nuritas™ is the first company in the world to use artificial intelligence and proteom­ics to find and […]

Big Data to tackle grand challenges: A look at IBM Research Africa’s projects

17 May is World Telecommunication and Information Society Day with the theme “Big Data for Big Impact.” ITU and our members are exploring how Big Data can help solve the world’s biggest challenges.  IBM Research Africa is currently working on a wide range of development projects across Africa, using Big Data to make headway towards achieving the United […]

Smart bandages to use real-time 5G connectivity

Smart bandage uses multi-technology approach Low power 5G, nano technology sensors and 3D printing  Trials start now, availability in a year or so if successful Not so much a killer app for 5G and IoT, hopefully more a life-saving one. The University of Swansea in Wales has pulled together what it’s calling a ‘multi-technology’ approach […]

How ICTs can fast forward progress on the SDGs

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) now form the backbone of today’s digital economy. They also have enormous potential to fast forward progress on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and improve people’s lives in fundamental ways. Building the next generation of ICT infrastructure will power the evolution of smart, sustainable cities and communities worldwide. […]

#WorldHealthDay: Mobile health solutions for noncommunicable diseases and mental health

Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) are one of the major global health challenges of the 21st century. NCDs include cancers, diabetes, heart and lung diseases and are responsible for approximately 38 million deaths each year. This represents 68% of global deaths annually and many of these are preventable. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also identified strong […]

Time to Advance Digital Health: A Call for Government Leadership

We have all experienced the reality of poor health, through personal experiences with our families, our friends or colleagues. We all want access to good healthcare, no matter where we live. As global leaders, we have a great responsibility toward the health of our societies and must be committed to take bold actions. This motivated […]