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How ‘computational sustainability’ uses AI to protect the planet: 3 use cases

Artificial Intelligence (AI) does more than make our technology smarter, it also protects the planet. Consider the work of researchers in the field of ‘Computational Sustainability‘ – a field of AI research making us better stewards of life on Earth. Despite being a relatively new research field, Computational Sustainability has already helped fight wildlife poaching, […]

Agritech app brings Somali livestock farmers into the digital economy, a new agritech app, is helping to bring nomadic Somali livestock farmers into the digital economy. The idea was inspired by a relatively new concept called “crowd-farming,” an agricultural adaptation of crowd-funding, which connects farmers with investors through a digital platform. As ICT development and access to mobile internet in developing countries is crucial to […]

World Wildlife Day: 5 ways ICTs are helping to protect wildlife

As more species face the risk of becoming endangered, information and communication technologies (ICTs) are being used to protect animals in new and innovative ways, from tracking poachers, to monitoring populations, to raising public awareness  – and more. This year’s theme for World Wildlife Day,“Listen to the Young Voices,” is ever pertinent as nearly one quarter of […]

India’s satellite launch breaks record – and could bring big benefits for humanity

On Wednesday, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully launched 104 satellites from seven countries on a single mission using the popular Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), overtaking the previous record of 37 satellites set by Russia in 2014. India aims to cement its position as a destination for low-cost launches, and Wednesday’s success spotlights India […]

How can satellites help to achieve the SDGs?

Today, there are over 1,300 satellites in space, used for a variety of tasks that are pivotal to our networked lives. Space activities include the provision of global positioning information, helping to prevent and mitigate natural and man-made disasters, and connecting the world to broadband services.  Also, satellite systems provide the framework for global maritime […]

Tracking illegal wildlife trade with #BigData

To mark World Environment Day 2016 on 5 June, ITU explores the role of Big Data in preventing the illegal wildlife trade. Great apes have disappeared from Gambia, Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo; a subspecies of Javan rhino went extinct in Vietnam in 2011 and the last western black rhinos have vanished from Cameroon; and […]