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Powering smart grid roll-out

The race is on to upgrade current electric power systems to “smart grids” by incorporating information and communication technologies (ICTs) to deliver power more efficiently, reliably and sustainably. The global Smart Grid as a Service market is expected to more than quadruple in the next decade, from $1.3 billion in 2016 to $6 billion in […]


New data initiative launched for Indian cities

In a bid to build high calibre data in Indian cities, the World Council on City Data (WCCD) has launched the joint City Data for India Initiative with Tata Trusts in Mumbai. The goal of the initiative is to empower city leaders, decision-makers and citizens from cities across India to make data-informed decisions to improve […]


How autonomous cars could be a ‘game changer’ for Smart Cities: new report

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) will lead to even more private car traffic on the road unless they are put to use in shared fleets and integrated with traditional public transport services, according to a new position paper from UITP (the International Association of Public Transport). The paper, Autonomous vehicles: a potential game changer for urban mobility, […]


New York’s new ‘CTO’: Can Miguel Gamiño replicate his San Francisco Smart City success?

Miguel Gamiño last month moved from being San Francisco‘s Chief Information Officer to New York City’s Chief Technology Officer. Jonathan Andrews of Cities Today spoke to him as he settled into his new role and city Were you headhunted from San Francisco to become New York City’s Chief Technology Officer? How did it occur?  New York City initially […]


Can privacy policies evolve with Smart City technology? A test case in Kansas City

Smart cities are key to easing the effects of rapid urbanization worldwide and the number of smart cities is expected to quadruple from 21 in 2013 to at least 88 by 2025. But as smart cities integrate information and communication technology (ICT) solutions to reduce traffic, lower carbon emissions and increase urban efficiencies, they are gathering large […]


ITU standardization takes up strong position to power the smart 5G era

ITU membership has called for ITU’s standardization arm to expand its study of the wireline networking innovations required to achieve the ambitious performance targets of smart 5G systems. This call has come in parallel with ITU members’ reaffirmation of the importance of ITU’s standardization work to drive the coordinated development of ultra-high-speed transport networks, the […]


UAE launches World Green Economy Organisation

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has launched the first World Green Economy Organisation (WGEO), which aims to boost the global green economy through consultations and technical, financial and moral support. It also hopes to be a primary reference for green sector parties undertaking research in clean energy, the environment and human protection. We asked Nasser […]