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International Girls in ICT Day expands horizons for girls around the world

International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated every year with the theme “Expand Horizons, Change Attitudes,” to encourage young women and girls to discover the exciting world of opportunities in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Changing perceptions and attitudes is an important part of achieving gender equality in technology. International Girls in ICT Day aims […]

Time to end the ‘AI: good or evil?’ debate and act for good (Opinion)

The following post was first published in IT World Canada. It highlights ITU’s new work to harness the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) for social good, including the upcoming AI for Good Global Summit in June. There is so much written on this debate that it is nearly impossible to read and consider it all.  Do a […]

Making waves as a Girl in ICT: Niamh Scanlon inspires girls to learn to code

On International Girls in ICT Day on April 27, thousands of girls around the world are celebrating the incredible power of technology to open doors of possibilities for young women and girls worldwide. One girl has made waves in the tech scene in her home country of Ireland, and those waves have swept across the world, leading […]

Girls in ICT: How Ericsson is inspiring girls to engage with a world of endless possibilities

I have spent most of my adult life advocating for women and girls to reach their full potential. This is now more important than ever as researchers at New York University, the University of Illinois, and Princeton University found that girls by the age of 6 become less likely than boys to associate brilliance with […]

Fintech solutions for the world’s unbanked

Digital financial services (DFS) — including “fintech” startups — are now some of the most effective ways to expand financial inclusion, especially for the world’s 2 billion “unbanked.”  For instance, mobile-money accounts now outnumber bank accounts in 9 African countries . As such, DFS are now being seen as a key driver in the fight to alleviate poverty, the United […]

How Estonia became a leader in tech startups and entrepreneurship

Estonia, the birthplace of Skype, has in recent years enjoyed a well-earned reputation as a startup hotspot — a mini Silicon Valley in the Baltics. But now it’s being recognized as the most entrepreneurial country in Europe — at least according to a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) report that includes analysis of “intrapreneurs” who formulate and implement new ideas within organizations. […]

Agritech app brings Somali livestock farmers into the digital economy, a new agritech app, is helping to bring nomadic Somali livestock farmers into the digital economy. The idea was inspired by a relatively new concept called “crowd-farming,” an agricultural adaptation of crowd-funding, which connects farmers with investors through a digital platform. As ICT development and access to mobile internet in developing countries is crucial to […]