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World Radio Day: The changing face of radio

“Being an Italian, and in Rome spending one hour in traffic, I am obliged to be a big consumer of radio!” quipped Giacomo Mazzone, Head of Institutional Relations at the European Broadcasting Union, during an interview with ITU at the recent European Radio Show in Paris. Indeed, radio has remained an important source of information and entertainment for listeners […]

The future of radio: Small ‘content snacks’ on the go? (VIDEO)

With World Radio Day 2017 in mind, ITU went to the European Radio Show in Paris to discuss the importance of radio – and what radio means to a range of different industry leaders. Radio is still one of the most dynamic, reactive and engaging forms of media there is. But how is radio offering new ways to interact […]

Apple’s new original content plans highlight growing ICT-media convergence

Apple has new plans to create its own original content by courting Hollywood producers and television executives, according to a Wall Street Journal report that is making waves in the tech and media industries. Rather than competing with the likes of Netflix, the move appears to be aimed at driving subscriptions to the USD 10-per-month […]

‘Twitter diplomacy’: How should diplomats approach social media?

A workshop on Twitter diplomacy took place recently at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, hosted by the Permanent Mission of Latvia to the United Nations Office in Geneva and Oxford University’s Digital Diplomacy Research Group. Ambassadors and permanent representatives, interested diplomats, international civil servants and scholars working in communications, as well as the NGO community, […]

The struggle to preserve today’s digital archives

Much of our contemporary lives are experienced through a screen. Moments that were once captured exclusively in journals, newspapers and books now also, and sometimes only, exist digitally. Libraries and archives that were adept at preserving the analog components of cultural memory have been slow to adapt their methods of capture and access to the […]

Will Pokémon Go help AR leapfrog VR?

Pokémon Go continues to dominate the headlines, but as the world becomes captivated by the augmented reality (AR) experience, what can the industry expect from this growing market? While some say that there’s nothing like the full immersive experience of virtual reality (VR), that experience may not be enough to keep it in front of […]

Meet a #WSIS Prize Champion: PlacesToGo

PlacesToGo was a 2016 WSIS Prize Champion for Cultural diversity and identity, linguistic diversity and local content. Natalia Ovsyako told ITU News about the project and explained how World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) participants are supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through their projects. With primeval forests, a range of summer […]