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Winning the market with local content – an entrepreneur’s journey in Malaysia

How did a Malaysian video-streaming service, DailyTV, gain 1 million users within the first year of launch? “We filled up this platform with the best local content, we launched our services, and it just kicked off,” says Kevin Saw, CEO and co-founder of Evangeline Verto, the company that produced the popular platform. Mr. Saw’s comments […]

Dubai-based ‘edtech’ startup breaks new ground in youth education

Asafeer Education Technologies, a Dubai-based educational technology (“edtech”) startup that provides online learning resources focusing on enhancing Arabic literacy skills of school kids, was awarded the Transforming Education Prize at the annual Seedstars Summit in early April. The concept of building an audible Arabic digital library came to founder and CEO Amr Abu-Hmeidan when he was having difficulty […]

Inclusive e-commerce as catalyst for future economic growth: Alibaba’s Jack Ma

Jack Ma, founder and Chairman of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba – and the United Nations’ Special Advisor for Youth, Entrepreneurship and Small Business at UNCTAD — inspired audiences at UNCTAD’s E-Commerce Week on the theme of inclusive e-commerce. As one of the most anticipated events of the week, the Digital Transformation for All: Empowering Entrepreneurs and […]

How Estonia became a leader in tech startups and entrepreneurship

Estonia, the birthplace of Skype, has in recent years enjoyed a well-earned reputation as a startup hotspot — a mini Silicon Valley in the Baltics. But now it’s being recognized as the most entrepreneurial country in Europe — at least according to a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) report that includes analysis of “intrapreneurs” who formulate and implement new ideas within organizations. […]

Agritech app brings Somali livestock farmers into the digital economy, a new agritech app, is helping to bring nomadic Somali livestock farmers into the digital economy. The idea was inspired by a relatively new concept called “crowd-farming,” an agricultural adaptation of crowd-funding, which connects farmers with investors through a digital platform. As ICT development and access to mobile internet in developing countries is crucial to […]

Innovation: Seedstars Summit awards best emerging-market tech startups

In the sunshine filled open space of the SwissTech Convention Centre, a young woman in a blue varsity jacket holds up a sign that reads “Industry Group Networking.” She interrupts a one-on-one conversation to make sure that her sign is read, and invites the couple to join a larger group discussion. A young man wearing […]

Lift:Lab 2017, ‘the edgier Swiss event’, provides new model to boost innovation

Small groups congregate around giant sheets of paper, excitedly writing notes and drawing charts, so immersed in their creative flow that they barely notice movement in the room. “Everyone is trying to make innovation happen!” Augustin Solioz, Project Manager at Lift, explained when ITU News spoke to him at the 11th annual Lift conference in […]