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Big Data to tackle grand challenges: A look at IBM Research Africa’s projects

17 May is World Telecommunication and Information Society Day with the theme “Big Data for Big Impact.” ITU and our members are exploring how Big Data can help solve the world’s biggest challenges.  IBM Research Africa is currently working on a wide range of development projects across Africa, using Big Data to make headway towards achieving the United […]

Digital Ambassadors Program kicks off in Kigali

A new initiative in Rwanda aims to transform the lives of 5 million citizens by bringing them online and providing digital skills training in their communities in a new Digital Ambassadors Program (DAP). Partnering with the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Internet for All Northern Corridor initiative and Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT), Rwanda’s Ministry of Youth […]

Evolution of a startup: How Souktel uses mobile phones to improve lives

As an international aid worker, Jacob Korenblum couldn’t help but see what was driving the cycle of poverty in the Middle East. Unemployment was rampant — particularly among young people. The problem wasn’t always a lack of jobs. Often they were available. But with limited Internet access, no reliable communication link existed between the labor supply and […]


I first visited the small town of Mănăstirea in rural Romania in 2010. Around 5,000 people lived in the underdeveloped community with poor sanitation, transport infrastructure and high unemployment, yet almost everyone, including school kids, had a mobile phone. Now in 2016, nearly every household in Mănăstirea is connected with fixed broadband and most people […]

Refugee crisis: UNHCR puts mobile and Internet at centre of innovative response

One of the biggest and fastest exoduses of refugees in modern history was when more than two million Rwandese Hutus fled into neighbouring countries of the Great Lakes region of Africa in 1994. In just two days — April 28 and 29 that year — more than 200,000 Hutus crossed into Tanzania at Rusomo Falls. Global TV networks […]

Every child has a voice

Let’s work together to ensure that no child is left unheard! “I’m not pretty, and people ‘throw it in my face’.” That’s how a 16-year-old girl begins her call to the local child helpline. “They laugh at me and talk about the way I dress; what should I do?” During almost two hours of conversation, […]

Coding bootcamps: the answer to youth unemployment?

To mark International Youth Day on 12 August, ITU News looks at how learning to code can help boost youth employment and close the ICT skills gap. The technology industry is facing a problem: there is a shortage of software development professionals with the coding skills needed to fill the information and communication technology (ICT) […]