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Exploring smart digital transformation: Telecom World 2017

A decade ago, smart phones brought a whole new meaning to a popular adjective. But ‘smart’ has not stopped there – from smart fridges to smart cars and smart cities, we are living in an ever-smarter world. A world where applications, solutions, products, and increasingly whole industries are making innovative use of information and communication […]

Winning the market with local content – an entrepreneur’s journey in Malaysia

How did a Malaysian video-streaming service, DailyTV, gain 1 million users within the first year of launch? “We filled up this platform with the best local content, we launched our services, and it just kicked off,” says Kevin Saw, CEO and co-founder of Evangeline Verto, the company that produced the popular platform. Mr. Saw’s comments […]

Three ways to promote and preserve linguistic diversity online

Only 5% of the world’s existing languages are readily accessible on the Internet according to the Broadband Commission. With more than 7,000 distinct languages in use around the world, many of them are at risk of going extinct. To ensure that the world’s abundance of linguistic diversity is well-preserved, there are international efforts needed to ensure […]

Sigfox joins ITU to influence international standardization for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity provider Sigfox has become a member of ITU to influence international standardization for IoT technologies and applications. Sigfox operates a low-bandwidth network dedicated to providing IoT devices with low-cost, low-power connectivity on a global scale. Sigfox’s participation in ITU standardization will assist the company in its mission ‘to give a […]

Facebook’s new AI translation tech could connect more people to relevant content

Facebook’s artificial intelligence (AI) research team released a paper this week describing a new technology it claims is nine times faster than current AI-powered translation systems. The new translation capability would make it much easier for Facebook’s 1.3 billion daily users to share content within their networks, helping Facebook progress on its oft-stated goal of connecting the […]

Big Data to tackle grand challenges: A look at IBM Research Africa’s projects

17 May is World Telecommunication and Information Society Day with the theme “Big Data for Big Impact.” ITU and our members are exploring how Big Data can help solve the world’s biggest challenges.  IBM Research Africa is currently working on a wide range of development projects across Africa, using Big Data to make headway towards achieving the United […]

Intel shifts into top gear with autonomous driving and AI goals

Intel opens its latest autonomous driving Lab in Silicon Valley Expects vehicles to generate 4 terabytes of data every 90 minutes Wants to train neural networks and improve machine learning algorithms Unveils the first “highly automated driving” car from its BMW partnership Intel has unveiled its latest Advanced Vehicle Lab, this one based in Silicon […]