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Intel and Honeywell bring IoT to help curb the $60bn annual losses from lost cargo

Intel launches its Connected Logistics Platform Honeywell unveils its Connected Freight solution, based on CLP Sensors tags monitor a wide range of environmental indicators Cloud-based solution and data analytics help create optimal route planning Intel has partnered with Honeywell to help curb the worldwide financial impact from cargo loss as products journey through the supply […]

Sigfox joins ITU to influence international standardization for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity provider Sigfox has become a member of ITU to influence international standardization for IoT technologies and applications. Sigfox operates a low-bandwidth network dedicated to providing IoT devices with low-cost, low-power connectivity on a global scale. Sigfox’s participation in ITU standardization will assist the company in its mission ‘to give a […]

New ITU work stream to develop security standards for connected cars

ITU has established a new work stream to coordinate the development of security standards for intelligent transport systems (ITS). ITS and automated driving hold great promise to improve road safety, reduce congestion and emissions, and increase the accessibility of personal mobility. Security will be a key determinant of the reliability and safety of ITS technologies […]

Smart manufacturing: New partnership to speed ‘Industrial IoT’ solutions

MoU between Industrial Internet Consortium and the Industrial Value Chain Initiative Focus on interoperability, portability, security and privacy for IIoT Schneider Electric launches its virtual Digital Services Factory Aims to build and scale new services in relevant industrial areas The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and the Industrial Value Chain Initiative (IVI) – a forum of […]

Is your dishwashing machine cyber secure?

The dangers of malware-infected dishwashers made headlines last month with the discovery of a security vulnerability in a Miele dishwasher. Any denial-of-dishwashing attack should be considered a serious crime in itself, we would all agree, but this particular case was made more concerning by the fact that the dishwasher in question was designed for use in […]

Led by automotive sector, global IoT cellular connections may exceed 2.4 billion by 2025: report

IoT cellular connections to increase more than fourfold by 2025 Almost half of connections will be for automotive, utilities and security Automotive will remain the single largest global vertical Non-cellular LPWA devices for IoT lag a long way behind If you are still wondering why mobile operators are so smitten by the prospect of autonomous […]

Not just ‘a smartphone on wheels’: Volvo’s plans for connected cars (VIDEO)

“We’re living in very exciting times right now. There’s a lot going on,” said David Holecek, Director of Connected Products and Services for Volvo as he spoke to ITU on the sidelines of last week’s Future Networked Car event at the world-famous Geneva International Motor Show. Indeed, as the automotive and information communication technology (ICT) industries […]