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Smart bandages to use real-time 5G connectivity

Smart bandage uses multi-technology approach Low power 5G, nano technology sensors and 3D printing  Trials start now, availability in a year or so if successful Not so much a killer app for 5G and IoT, hopefully more a life-saving one. The University of Swansea in Wales has pulled together what it’s calling a ‘multi-technology’ approach […]

A new age of orchestration for 5G

As we approach 2020, one of the most important areas of ITU work will be our international standardization of 5G systems. ITU is supporting the development of a 5G environment where we will all have access to highly reliable communications, and where trusted ICTs will be key to innovation in every industry sector. 5G networks […]

5 key takeaways from Mobile World Congress

Artificial Intelligence, connected cars and drones dominated headlines coming out of Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona last week. And, as we mentioned, 5G standardization discussions heated up. But as the dust settles after this massive event, which is often a beacon for where the biggest trends in tech are headed, what are the main […]

New European partnership on connected cars highlights ICT-auto convergence

MoU signed between 5GAA and EATA 5GAA now counts 33 members; EATA 38 companies and 6 associations Encourage cooperation between mobile operators and vehicle OEMs Additional focus on standardisation, spectrum and related use cases Collaborations and partnerships are all the rage in 5G. The latest to embrace the ecosystem idea are the two latest associations […]

At Mobile World Congress, 5G standardization discussions heat up (VIDEO)

While artificial intelligence, connected cars, and drones took center stage at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this week, discussions surrounding 5G were also prominent. Those discussions included the testing and setting of standards for upcoming 5G systems that will be required power the increasingly voracious user demands for data as the Internet of […]

5G demos showcase innovation to fuel ITU standards work (VIDEO)

ITU-T Study Group 13, ITU’s standardization expert group for future networks, will meet 6-17 February to progress high-priority ITU standards efforts for information-centric networking, fixed-mobile convergence and other areas of key importance to the development of IMT-2020 (5G) systems. The 5G studies of ITU-T Study Group 13 will be accelerated by the input received from […]

SK Telecom’s new USD 4.2 billion push into AI and IoT tech

South Korea’s biggest mobile carrier pledges huge invstment over just three years Aims to grow IoT and machine learning ecosystem 5G will be an important component SK Telecom, the Republic of Korea’s biggest mobile carrier, is to spend 5 trillion won (US$4.2 billion) over the next three years on artificial intelligence, or machine learning, and IoT. […]