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Top Tech Predictions for 2016

The New Year is characterized by a crop of telecom predictions from various research firms, consultancies and industry observers. This year, there have been more articles predicting key trends than ever before, with industry tech forecasts enjoying a clear boom in popularity. Last year’s predictions focused on next-generation software, cloud computing, the Internet of Things […]

Technology, ICTs & the future of work

UNDP has just released its annual Human Development Report (HDR), entitled “Work for Human Development”, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first edition. This year’s Human Development Report explores how work can enhance human development despite substantial challenges, given that the world of work is changing fast due to globalization and the technological revolution. ITU […]

Broadband: a vital driver of Sustainable Development

Affordable broadband is a vital driver of economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection. Moreover, ICTs have been recognized as a means of implementation for the soon to be agreed upon Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet it is unlikely that their potential can be fully realized while inequalities in access to and the availability of […]

Building Our Broadband Future

ITU will host a high-level Strategic Dialogue featuring key speakers on 13 May 2013, the day before the opening of the World Telecommunication/ICT Policy Forum (#WTPF) 2013.  The Strategic Dialogue will discuss our shared future built on broadband, the importance and challenges of investing in infrastructure, and the changing nature of broadband policy and regulation. The […]