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Radio Regulations: The foundation of the mobile world

This month, ITU is celebrating the 110th anniversary of the ITU Radio Regulations, the essential international treaty for governing the use of the radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits for ubiquitous wireless communications. The following article by GSMA Director General Mats Granryd was published in the latest edition of ITU News Magazine, which is dedicated to celebrating […]


Happy Birthday, ITU Radio Regulations!

ITU is paying tribute this month to 110 years of international cooperation among its member states on the ITU Radio Regulations, an international treaty for governing the use of the radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits for ubiquitous wireless communications. The ITU Radio Regulations ensure interference-free operations of radiocommunication systems and provide all countries with equitable […]


Can privacy policies evolve with Smart City technology? A test case in Kansas City

Smart cities are key to easing the effects of rapid urbanization worldwide and the number of smart cities is expected to quadruple from 21 in 2013 to at least 88 by 2025. But as smart cities integrate information and communication technology (ICT) solutions to reduce traffic, lower carbon emissions and increase urban efficiencies, they are gathering large […]


Women use tech to drive cattle farming business in rural Australia

There is a wide gender gap when it comes to access to and use of information and communications technologies (ICTs). But Australia’s regional cattle industry is bucking the trend. Australia was the world’s largest beef exporter in 2015. But with an increased demand for Australian beef products and a shortage of rural workers, cattle farmers […]


Tunisian Post CEO on digital payment innovation (VIDEO)

The ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) has been celebrating its 60th anniversary this week during its quadrennial World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA) in Hammamet, Tunisia. ITU-T seized the opportunity not just to mark 60 years of success, but to focus on two key fast-moving trends that are having a massive impact on the world of […]


How can ICT standards help align privacy and security? Experts share insight at GSS

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have dramatically improved real-time communication worldwide. However, they bring about a host of privacy and security challenges. ITU’s third Global Standards Symposium (GSS) brought together a diverse range of thought leaders to discuss these challenges on Monday, on the eve of ITU’s quadrennial World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-16) in Hammamet, […]


Tesla’s autopilot ambitions – ready but waiting

All new Tesla electric car models will now come equipped with the necessary hardware to become fully autonomous vehicles, Telsa CEO Elon Musk announced last week. Tesla claims full automation will be “substantially safer than a human driver, lower the financial cost of transportation for those who own a car and provide low-cost, on-demand mobility […]