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A new age of orchestration for 5G

As we approach 2020, one of the most important areas of ITU work will be our international standardization of 5G systems. ITU is supporting the development of a 5G environment where we will all have access to highly reliable communications, and where trusted ICTs will be key to innovation in every industry sector. 5G networks […]

Why the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly is so important (VIDEO)

The World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA) is an ITU governing conference held every four years for ITU members to define the strategic direction and structure of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T). The overarching objective of WTSA is to ensure that ITU-T remains well positioned to support the development of the Information Society. Standardization is […]

A City’s journey towards Smart Sustainability

We see cities today grappling with the impact of climate change, while at the same time tackling issues of waste management, health, outdated infrastructures, resource scarcity, air pollution, congestion and inadequate housing, etc.  The international community has realized the urgency linked to various urban challenges leading to exploration of diverse approaches to deal with urban […]

Always-on Internet and the importance of traffic management to 5G and OTT

Enabling free and open exchange of information was one of the founding principles of the Internet. Upholding this principle calls for constant innovation, with the ICT community always in search of smarter ways to increase the carrying capacity and routing efficiency of the world’s networks. This search is endless. The volume of traffic running over […]

Beyond convergence: 5G and IoT need wireless-wireline integration

Towards fixed-mobile hybrid, smart ubiquitous networks  Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) in China, Japan and Korea see two fields of study as crucial to telecom and ICT standardization as we approach year 2020. The first is to support 5G mobile-wireless systems and ubiquitous smart technologies with the necessary innovations in network infrastructure, and the second is […]

Mobile money, OTT and roaming: Will ITU members define fair competition and pricing?

Established in 1865, one of the founding principles of ITU was to provide a neutral venue for countries’ negotiation of interconnection rates for telegraph networks. The essence of this work lives on in ITU-T Study Group 3 (SG3), our standardization expert group responsible for ‘economic and policy issues’. SG3 is meeting this week in Geneva, […]

Questions Posed by the Arrival of the Future Networked Car

Intelligent transport systems (ITS) and automated driving are fast moving towards widespread commercialization and market acceptance. High levels of automation – the penultimate step to fully automated driving – are expected on the road by 2020, holding great promise to improve road safety, reduce congestion and emissions, and increase the accessibility of personal mobility to […]