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Allocating spectrum for a changing world: #WRC15 in review

The 2015 World Radiocommunication Conference (#WRC-15) concluded last week, paving the way for the future of radiocommunications. The decisions made at WRC-15 enable the smooth development of all radiocommunications services including mobile broadband, satellite delivery, television broadcasting, scientific services and emergency services. The conference will permit the deployment of new technologies, helping to deliver cheaper […]


Measuring the Information Society Report 2015

ITU’s flagship annual Measuring the Information Society Report, released on 30 November 2015, gives an overview of information society developments as we reach the cusp between the end of the Millennium Development Goals and the beginning of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Republic of Korea tops the ICT Development Index (IDI) this year, with Denmark […]

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On Saturday, 26 September, I participated in the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, jointly convened by UNESCO and ITU in New York.  It is a high profile forum for diverse perspectives. Industry, government, academic, and NGOs come together to discuss and debate accelerating the adoption of Broadband globally, with a special focus on developing and […]

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New report further supports catalytic role of #ICT4SDG

Ericsson and the Earth Institute at Columbia University have presented key findings from new research that highlights how information and communication technology (ICT), and in particular mobile technology, can help accelerate the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that are expected to be passed this week by the UN General Assembly. ICTs key to […]

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Cyber Violence against Women and Girls

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is a problem of pandemic proportion; it is estimated that one in three women will experience some form of violence in her lifetime. The rapid proliferation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) expands opportunities to address VAWG, providing victims with access to information and reporting mechanisms. However, ICTs also […]

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Broadband: a vital driver of Sustainable Development

Affordable broadband is a vital driver of economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection. Moreover, ICTs have been recognized as a means of implementation for the soon to be agreed upon Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet it is unlikely that their potential can be fully realized while inequalities in access to and the availability of […]


Digital Divide Progress Report: 15 Year Review

Information and communication technologies (ICT) have driven global development in an unprecedented way, providing huge opportunities for social and economic development. Billions of people enjoy access to ICTs thanks to technological progress, infrastructure deployment and falling prices. The ICT industry has experienced incredible growth over the past 15 years. In 2000, there were 400 million […]


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