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How to Grow a Start-Up: Tips from ITU Telecom World Young Innovators Competition Winners and Mentors

You have a great business idea, but how do you get it from paper to market? What skills do you need to develop the idea and make it thrive as a business? In a recent Google Hangout hosted by the ITU Telecom World Young Innovators Competition to round up a month of activities on Youth and […]

WORLD RADIO DAY 2015 at ITU, Geneva-266

RadioHack 2015 Photo Journal

On 12 February 2015, as part of  World Radio Day celebrations,  46 engineers and developers arrived at ITU for EBU RadioHack 2015 to try, test and modify projects in digital and hybrid radio. The freeform workshop enabled the experts to experiment with the newest techniques and equipment, developing fresh ideas for tools and services in […]


Is the Impact of Mobile Phones a Myth?

At first glance, the numbers seem staggering. Global mobile phone penetration is 96 percent. In sub-Saharan Africa, where 47 percent of the population lives on less than $1.25 a day, mobile data use is expected to grow twentyfold by the end of 2019, according to a June 2014 mobility study by Ericsson. It is predicted there […]


#WorldRadioDay – The Future of Radio is Here

Internet did not kill the radio star! Twenty years after the birth of Internet Radio in 1995 seemed to predict radio broadcasting’s demise, yet it is more widely used than ever. We listen to it in the car, on our phones and mobile devices, at work, in the gym – despite Television and the Internet, […]


ITU Becomes Climate Neutral

Climate change is one of the biggest global challenges we face, and tackling this issue requires completely rethinking the way we live, work and do business. Aware of this, and in response to the call made by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in 2007, ITU has made significant progress towards climate neutrality in recent years. The […]


Youth and Innovation: From Radio to the Internet of Things

To commemorate our 150th anniversary, ITU has organized a year of events to celebrate ‘information and communication technologies (ICTs) as drivers of innovation’. February’s theme ‘youth and innovation’, simultaneously highlights the impact that ICTs have on youth, especially when considering online safety, and the contributions that young people make towards the development of technology. Young […]


“Let’s create a better Internet together” – COP Partners’ Initiatives for a Safer Internet

Every year, as information and communication technologies (ICTs) become more readily available and widespread, more young people are growing up surrounded by technology. Under 25 year olds account for a little less than half of the world’s population (42.8 per cent) and ITU estimated that they accounted for 45 per cent of global internet users […]


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