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How ‘Tawasol’ project leverages ICTs to expand STEM education in Tunisia

Tunisia may be geographically small, but it is historically big. Its 3,000 years of history have been filled with several milestones shaping the country into what it is today. Now, Tunisia is working hard to accelerate the pace of its development. It has seen impressive progress, but there remains a wide gap between urban and rural areas in several […]


Qualcomm’s latest regulatory challenge: Will new FTC complaint fizzle out under Trump?

Qualcomm is vigorously denying allegations in a new United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint issued this week. The FTC charges the semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company with using its dominant market position to impose “onerous and anticompetitive supply and licensing terms” on mobile phone manufacturers and to weaken competitors. The FTC claims Qualcomm used anticompetitive tactics to […]


Level 3 becomes latest telco to boost security against botnet DDoS attacks

New DDoS scrubbing centres open in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore Level 3 instigates enhanced cyber protection for its customers’ networks Threat of botnet attacks on IoT equipment is increasing Over 500,000 botnets based on the Mirai source code believed to be operating Level 3 Communications is the latest telco to step up its security […]


2017’s Top 5 AI trends are about far more than technology: Stephen Ibaraki

We are now at a unique moment in world history – an inflection point in which we are starting to see an unprecedented acceleration of economic, cultural, and societal change. This change is driven by what I call ‘A Triple C’: Automation; time Compression in new innovations; Convergence in biological and digital existences; ubiquitous Connectivity. The underlying catalyst of […]


Apple’s new original content plans highlight growing ICT-media convergence

Apple has new plans to create its own original content by courting Hollywood producers and television executives, according to a Wall Street Journal report that is making waves in the tech and media industries. Rather than competing with the likes of Netflix, the move appears to be aimed at driving subscriptions to the USD 10-per-month […]


SK Telecom’s new USD 4.2 billion push into AI and IoT tech

South Korea’s biggest mobile carrier pledges huge invstment over just three years Aims to grow IoT and machine learning ecosystem 5G will be an important component SK Telecom, the Republic of Korea’s biggest mobile carrier, is to spend 5 trillion won (US$4.2 billion) over the next three years on artificial intelligence, or machine learning, and IoT. […]

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How digital fiat currency issued by Central Banks will drive financial inclusion

Currency as a store of value, unit of account, and medium of exchange has accompanied society since the dawn of civilization and commerce. Fiat currency issued by the central bank under the law and constitution of each country added trust and governance as well as security to this simple yet powerful instrument. Fiat currency has […]