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My Life Advocating for Accessible ICTs

ICTs help persons with disabilities (PwD) overcome issues of access, be that to education, employment, or physical mobility. Throughout the world, persons living with disabilities are already benefitting from the advantages of ICT-enabled applications. But more needs to be done to make ICTs accessible to persons living with disabilities, so these technologies constitute an opportunity and not a […]

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It’s all about Accessibility!

Accessibility in information and communication technology (ICT) is intrinsically linked to ITU’s 150 year history of innovation, yet it has struggled to keep pace with the extraordinary advances in technology of recent years. Universal access to adequate and affordable technology remains a key challenge for people with disabilities. As a teacher of the deaf, Alexander […]


The Digital Dividend: a revolution in technology

On 17 June 2015, ITU held the International Symposium on the Digital Switchover, a special event to mark the deadline for the Digital Switchover in ITU Region 1 (Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia) and the Islamic Republic of Iran, heralding the development of ‘all-digital’ terrestrial broadcast services for sound and television for […]


Kaleidoscope: where social and technical sciences meet

I remember that day in early 2007 quite vividly – my first trip to ITU. The Cooperation between ITU-T and Universities: Consultation Meeting aimed to discuss the link between academic research and standardization. Having just completed the final report on the ‘Interest’ project, an EU project that investigated this same topic, some of our  team […]


Fostering the future: why SMEs matter so much

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the International Telecommunication Union. The oldest agency of the United Nations, it has grown steadily from its origins in the days of the telegraph through radio, television, satellite, mobile and Internet to today’s emerging technologies, encompassing a membership of 193 Member States and over 700 private sector entities, civil society and academic institutions. It has […]


Interoperability in the Age of IoT

At its most fundamental level in the context of the digital ecosystem, interoperability is the ability to transfer and render useful data and other information across systems, applications, or components. As a concept interoperability is central, and yet often invisible, to many parts of a highly interconnected modern society. The fact that someone can make […]


Youth and ICTs: Inauguration of New Patron, President Luis Guillermo Solís

On Monday 8 June, President Luis Guillermo Solís was inaugurated as ITU’s first Patron for Youth and ICTs at a special ceremony at ITU Headquarters in Geneva. As part of the celebration, ITU hosted a panel ‘Youth and ICTs: Delivering Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development’ which explored how youth can leverage information and communication technology […]


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