This new space is dedicated to debate on topics of the day that concern the future of telecommunications, and information and communication technologies (ICTs) – how they can best be developed, distributed and used by people everywhere.

It has been created by the ITU Secretariat to provide a forum for continuing the online discussion of important ICT issues of the day, such as security and privacy, the provision of infrastructure, ICT access as a right, how to connect all communities, and international interoperability.

The issues highlighted here will include those that are controversial, alongside others on which consensus is building. Contributors will be invited from all fields, as well as ITU experts. This blog is not an “official” ITU perspective but rather a platform for discussion and knowledge sharing. Each contribution is the author’s own.

Please join in and share your viewpoint! We want to hear what the world has to say.


  1. Kristine Clara · ·

    Could you post a link to the new History of ITU Portal, launched today. It gives a lot of background information explaining why we are revising ITRs today for instance, and many other things.


  2. Its really beneficial site and will be better if there are other languages

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