The future of radio: Small ‘content snacks’ on the go? (VIDEO)

With World Radio Day 2017 in mind, ITU went to the European Radio Show in Paris to discuss the importance of radio – and what radio means to a range of different industry leaders.

Radio is still one of the most dynamic, reactive and engaging forms of media there is. But how is radio offering new ways to interact and participate in the age of Twitter and Snapchat?

Like most other forms of media these days, radio can be broken down into very concise “bite-sized” snippets of information – or entertainment. And that’s exactly what we can expect to see more of, according to Maximilian Knop, CEO of Konsole Labs, a Berlin-based agency for new media apps.

“Radio should not be a radio stream anymore,” said Mr Knop. “Radio should concentrate on putting more small content ‘snacks’, like news or information, on different platforms. So, as a customer, I can hear my radio as a small ‘info-tainment’ news snack on Alexa, or in my car, or on my watch.”

View our playlist on YouTube for more insight from radio industry leaders at the European Radio Show.

And visit our World Radio Day 2017 web page for more on why we celebrate the special day, now in its 6th year.

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