5G demos showcase innovation to fuel ITU standards work (VIDEO)

ITU-T Study Group 13, ITU’s standardization expert group for future networks, will meet 6-17 February to progress high-priority ITU standards efforts for information-centric networking, fixed-mobile convergence and other areas of key importance to the development of IMT-2020 (5G) systems.

30674839433_2f5f73170f_zThe 5G studies of ITU-T Study Group 13 will be accelerated by the input received from the ITU-T Focus Group on network aspects of IMT-2020 (‘5G’), the group responsible for ITU’s preliminary study into the wireline networking innovation required to achieve the performance targets of 5G systems.

The Focus Group explored how emerging 5G technologies will interact in future networks, studying network softwarization and slicing, 5G architecture and fixed-mobile convergence, end-to-end network management, information-centric networking, and related open-source innovation.

The Focus Group’s final meeting in December 2016 hosted a workshop and demo day to showcase 5G proofs of concept relevant to the work of ITU-T Study Group 13.

Watch the playlist of videos from the demo day to learn more about the nascent wireline technology enablers of future 5G systems.

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