How to bridge the digital divide: Datawind CEO (VIDEO)

singh-tuli-2Affordability remains a key barrier to connecting the next billion to the Internet and bridging the digital divide.

By providing a complete solution to entry level consumers in the developing world, Datawind are tackling this issue head on. “We focus on the hardware, we focus on the access and then we add to that content, primarily around education,” explained Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO of Datawind as he spoke with us on the sidelines of the ITU Telecom World event in Bangkok, Thailand.

For less than CAD30, customers can access low-cost tablets and smartphones bundled with low-cost Internet access and content.

“We have positioned these devices as the ‘poor man’s computer’ – the first computer that somebody who’s monthly income is CAD 150-200 a month could take advantage of,” Singh Tuli explained.

And it seems to be working; Datawind are the largest suppliers of tablet computers in India with 35-37% of the market share since entering the market in 2012, says Singh Tuli.

When asked about the benefits of attending ITU Telecom World 2016, Singh Tuli said it was a “great place to meet both telecom operators and regulators from around the world… a great opportunity to meet with government officials in developing countries who would be enthused by our effort to bridge the digital divide.”

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