#GirlsinICT: Why I want to work in ICT

To celebrate Girls in ICT Day on 28 April 2016, Ericsson is running a week-long series of blogs by girls who are interested in a career in ICTs. This blog was originally posted on the Ericsson Careers blog as Girls in ICT Day: Robots & Careers.

*This blog was updated on 29 April 2016.

When I woke up today, the first thing I did was to look for my mobile phone. Sounds familiar, right? Like any normal teenager, checking my phone has become a habit that seems almost impossible for me to break. To be honest, I am on the internet 90% of the day (the 10% is when I’m sleeping).

I am an incoming grade 11 student interested in pursuing a career in information and communication technology (ICT) or science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  My father, who is an engineer, is a big influence to this dream. Or maybe because I also love building things, solving problems and stretching my imagination using technology.  I believe one reason most kids are turned off by the STEM and ICT fields is because most us do not understand how ICT will work to our advantage.  We are afraid to conquer the ever expanding and evolving technology that is before us.  Big words like “global innovation” or “wireless infrastructure” can be daunting.  My school is also major factor in my decision in that it has provided me with a variety of ICT resources and tools that bring opportunities for STEM learning both inside and outside the classroom.


Image courtesy of Ericsson

I got my first taste of ‘real technology’ during my 10th grade Robotics Class. My classmates and I would usually program robots that race or fight with each other. Last year, we took part in a competition called “Sumobot”, where two robots are placed inside a small circle and the first robot to be “knocked down” loses. This is where I learned how creativity and technology collaborate, because even if programming was a breeze, building a sturdy and intelligent robot pushed us to think out of the box in our strategy to create the winning bot.  That experience also proved one important point: that robots and technology are not just for boys.

In our daily lives, we will always find ourselves in different situations demanding for us to do the same thing: get out of our comfort zones and push boundaries so that we can bring out better ideas and solutions to our problems.

I believe what I am says a lot about the generation I belong to. Young people like me are easily hooked on anything that is new and popular, and ICT is just the right field to experiment in and explore! Simply by using devices (that fit in our hands), we are able to shape ideas and influence other people — even the ones we have not met before. I believe that information is key. The powerful pieces of information that we share has allowed ICT to become so important and relevant in our lives.  We can easily destroy something with wrong information, or help something reach its full potential with the right information. I choose to use information the right way, and this is something I can share through ICT.

For more information on Girls in ICT Day, please click here.

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