Celebrating Safer Internet Day 2014 – ITU’s Child Online Protection initiative in action!

Internetsafety-blogIn line with the theme of this year “Let’s create a better internet together” and our tradition of international collaboration and cooperation, ITU’s Child Online Protection (COP)  team, together with a host of partners,  is supporting and celebrating Safer Internet Day 2014 to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world.

Safer Internet Day is a great example on how the international community can work together in a harmonized manner to build a better environment for our children. ITU, as an intergovernmental organization, is combining the efforts of a range of different partners and the breadth of its global membership to help create a safer internet environment for our children.

However, while maintaining a global perspective, COP aims at building capacity in every single house, classroom and community. Step by step, by empowering young people, parents and teachers, both young ‘digital natives’ and adult ‘digital immigrants’ will learn how to be responsible and good global cyber citizens.

Starting today, 11 February, ITU, together with our partners Action Innocence and (ISC)2, has launched a series of interactive educational events at ITU’s ICT Discovery museum, focused around parents and children.

Members of ITU staff – in their capacity as parents of young and/or teenage children – will receive training from Action Innocence on how to use tools that enable them to keep children safe online, in addition to a general training on current online risks.

In addition, children between 10 – 14 years from schools around Geneva will visit the ICT Discovery museum and attend a training session on  ‘Safe and Secure Online’ given by ISC2. The presentations, which will cover topics such as cyberbullying, sexting, online reputation and social media use, are intended to be interactive, and will get discussion started among the kids so that they can tcontinue the conversation in the playground with friends, with their parents, and with other family members.

During ITU’s Council Working Group on Child Online Protection, which will be held on 21 February 2014, WISE KIDS will deliver a training for its members on New Approaches in Tackling Child Online Protection – Online Safety, Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship. This workshop will explore the changing digital landscape, how young people use new technologies, and the opportunities and challenges these present. It will examine how best educators, governments and other stakeholders can help keep children and young people safe – through the development of appropriate partnerships, frameworks and education.

ITU’s commitment to connect the world includes efforts to ensure that ICTs are used in a responsible and safe way. Only by working together, we can make it happen!

carla-licciardelloCarla Licciardello is the Child Online Protection Focal Point of the International Telecommunication Union, based in Geneva. She is primarily responsible of supporting ITU Child Online Protection activities, including projects development with Member States and other international organizations. She is also working on Cybersecurity and supporting related interagency relations. Before joining ITU, Licciardello has worked for the Italian Mission in Geneva and the United Nations for Disaster Risk Reduction with a focus on the communication and policy aspect of the humanitarian assistance in favor to Member States victims of natural disasters.


  1. This is a good initiative the Commonwealth Association-Uganda will organize a students debate in April 2014 in Uganda.

  2. I am a practising cyber lawyer based in India and have recently authored a book on protection of children on Internet. I would like to contribute to ITU’s blog by writing on global cyberlaw issues ..Please let me know who is the concerned person to write this request.

  3. thx for reaching out karnika – please drop an email to pressinfo@itu.int and we will follow up.

  4. It is good to care about development, accessibility, security, resilience of information society. Best is to care healthy information without cruelty, violence provided to humans ( young people and childrens as well).
    We are expecting to see in WSIS forum topics:
    “Prevent information related brutality and violence-keep human powerful and non-vulnerable.”

    Let see if such submission will be reviewed and added as priority topic in WSIS-2015 forum.

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