Monthly Archives: September 2013

Launching “Open Talks” with ITU Secretary-General

I am proud of ITU’s substantial and diverse membership – 193 Member States and around 700 Sector Members, including members of the Internet community, industry, civil society and academia. ITU members from different regions and different perspectives continue to work together for the common good and in the public interest to resolve complex and challenging […]

Connected cities: Smart Sustainable Cities

If we compare an aerial photo of the world today with the same image from 20 years ago, we can see from light distribution that urban centres are now a significantly more prominent feature. More and more people are choosing to live in cities, in search of new opportunities and to improve their quality of […]

#BYND2015 Highlights from day number three

Day 3 began with three parallel offsite visits to some of Costa Rica’s most important organisations relating to the theme Respect your Environment. The visits included: Dos Pinos the “Little Giant of Central America” Dos Pinos is one of the most diversified companies in Latin America and a leader in the production and marketing of […]

#BYND2015 Highlights from day number two

Yesterday saw the launch of our 24 hour Hackathon, it was a long night for the young computer programmers, designers and coders who took part, but there was a lot of energy in the room and some great ideas presented during the initial brainstorm that gradually morphed into an application as the night went on. […]

#BYND2015 Highlights from day number one

Last night, Costa Rica hosted the opening ceremony of our #BYND2015 Global Youth Summit, with several of our key speakers coming together to discuss the overall issues that young people are facing today including; youth unemployment, the need for child online protection as ICTs become increasingly important, the opportunities, benefits and the risks of digital […]

ITU, Facebook and ACOPEA launch online safety project in Ethiopia

ITU has teamed up with Facebook to develop a pilot program to promote child online safety in Africa as part of its Child Online Protection (COP) initiative. The collaboration will enable the African Child Online Protection Education & Awareness Centre (ACOPEA), an NGO focused on African child online welfare, to implement a six-month pan-African e-safety […]

#BYND2015 #GetAhead with the ITU

The modern workforce is very different from the workforce of previous generations. While in the past most people would usually stay within the same industry or company for the majority of their career, the current young generation is expected to have an average of 6 substantial career changes in their working life. With this in […]