The Power of Conversation

telecom-2013Conversation by definition takes at least two people – otherwise it is just talking to yourself, merely monologue. And it is powerful precisely because it takes two. It’s the basic unit of communication. It involves talking and listening, imparting and gaining knowledge. Sharing information.

Conversation is at the heart of human experience – and at the heart of ITU Telecom World 2013.

#ITUWorld, which will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, from 19 -22 November this year, is ITU Telecom’s annual platform for the global ICT community. It brings together international experts, policy-makers, decision-takers, government leaders and industry representatives at the very highest level to debate the radical transformation of the ICT industry.

To engage with each other, share knowledge, information and ideas through an expertly-curated forum of interactive discussion, through carefully-crafted networking events, spaces and social occasions, and through national and industry showcases and innovations on the central showfloor.

This year #ITUWorld will focus on “Embracing Change in a Digital World“, explored from the contrasting perspectives of business, technology and regulation. Conversation will revolve around five main areas of change:  

  • changes in the way people communicate;
  • the need for new business models as we move increasingly towards data and away from voice;
  • shifting industry dynamics as new players emerge;
  • the dramatic impact of new technologies; and
  • the need for new regulatory and standardization approaches in response.

It’s billed as the one conversation that matters.

Why does it matter? Because sharing experience and knowledge through conversation enriches all parties. Sharing information across sectors and borders opens up new ideas and opportunities. And seizing those opportunities, developing them in the form of new markets, models, policies and strategies, is critical.

Critical to drive the success of the ICT industry – and to address world socio-economic challenges through the unique power of that industry to transform lives all over the world.

#ITUWorld is a platform for collaboration and a springboard to the future. Working together, we can make a positive difference to the ICT sector, and to the world. 

That’s the power of conversation, of collaboration, of common purpose.

That’s why you need to be part of the conversation that matters; and why I look forward to welcoming you in Bangkok this November.

judja-satoBy Blaise Judja-Sato

Blaise Judja-Sato is the Executive Manager of the Telecom Secretariat at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and oversees the leading ITU Telecom World event, an annual highlight in the global ICT events calendar.

Throughout his career he has been involved with organizations and projects which use information and technology to address global societal challenges and provide economic opportunities for all, working with the likes of  AT&T International, the Craig and Susan McCaw Foundation, and VillageReach, a US-based social enterprise with field operations in three African countries. 

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