What does the Internet mean to you as a young person?

call for submissions videoThe most profound technologies are said to be those that have the ability to weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.

In a very short period of time the Internet has had a significant impact on the way we live.

It has democratized access to information on a scale never before thought achievable. It has lowered and in certain instances removed the barriers to creative and self-expression and has also been responsible for challenging old business models while at the same time enabling new ones.

For centuries, access to and the creation of information was controlled by the few. The Internet has changed the status-quo profoundly – and is quickly becoming the communications platform for everyone.

ITU wants to know what the Internet means to you as a young person.

If you are between 15 and 24, record and send your video message to www.itu.int/go/wtpf-yourvoice and your message could be included at the Fifth World Telecommunication Policy Forum (#WTPF) taking place in Geneva from 14 to 16 May 2013.

Watch the video below, follow the instructions and let your voice be heard!

contributor_paul_conneally1By: Paul Conneally

Head of Communications and Partnership Promotion Division, ITU


  1. The Internet has become very important in our daily lives for scientific and practical matters. All our business depends upon it.

  2. David Grammig · ·

    The Internet was a great step towards more democracy in every aspect. News, information and even secret documents (wikileaks) are openly available. The source are sheer endless and we gain a broader picture of what is happening in the world – in our town, our county, state or somewhere thousands of miles away. By sharing information we will not be relying on newspapers to force feed us with information that (in non-democratic) countries have been controlled by governments. Although social media, blogs and news sites might be inaccessible in certain countries, there are ways to forgo and access and share information that might not have been available before the internet has promoted us to be researchers. Few of my friends have a tv. They stream or download documentaries or political discussions and avoid being exposed to the decisions of tv channel bosses as to what mind-numbing reality shows we have to watch. Using the Internet gives us the choice as to how many opinions and sources we want to check before being satisfied to be able to have an opinion. Internet means more democracy. More freedom of speech. More liberties. And more risk of being controlled and having every detail of our lives being exposed and accessible. The Internet holds great opportunities if not misused.

  3. El internet una de las mejores herramientas de la comunicacion , la informacion y la opinion pienso que gracias a este importante avance se puede construir un mundo mas informado y con altos indices de desarollo social en materia de comunicacion

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