US Ambassador on the importance of multi-lateral engagement

An overview of a video interview with US Ambassador Kramer at #WCIT12

VIP VisitHis Excellency Ambassador Terry D. Kramer – appointed by President Barack Obama as Ambassador and Head of the U.S. Delegation for the #WCIT12 – took the opportunity to articulate his thoughts in a video interview with ITU on the discussions currently underway at the conference in Dubai.

Ambassador Kramer talked about the most fundamental issue in his opinion right now at WCIT-12, pertaining to the concept of Operating Agency (OA) versus Recognized Operating Agency (ROA).

When asked about the importance of multi-lateral negotiations which are currently being adopted at WCIT-12, Ambassador Kramer talked about the how the Internet space is set and ripe for multi-stakeholder governance.

The Ambassador also discussed the importance of how a multi-lateral approach has been incredibly beneficial to the US delegation at WCIT-12 – which includes members of the US government, the F.C.C., the Commerce Department, members from the Internet and telecoms industry as well civil society.

H.E. Ambassador Kramer is also confident that common ground will be found at WCIT-12 and believes that the current impasse which is being encountered at the conference is due to philosophical differences.

WCIT-12 is looking towards the future of telecoms and the Internet. According to the Ambassador, the conference has the right balance when it comes to listening to people and their views, along with trying to take action.

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