Telecoms: the case for transformation

An overview of a video interview with Paul Budde, Independent analyst at #WCIT12

broadband(2)Among the policies being presented and deliberated at WCIT-12 is a concentration on the real issue of the need to connect the whole world in terms of telecommunications and Internet broadband.

According to Paul Budde, what has been clear during the first week of the WCIT-12 is the fact that the old method of telecoms is no longer relevant in the world we live in and needs to transform.

The challenge moving forward will be how to best manage this transition. This will include a greater emphasis on ICT infrastructure development and investment.

Currently, a vertically integrated business model exists, which deals with infrastructure and services.

What needs to be developed, says Budde, is a business model which separates the infrastructure and investment models from a service model.

This would be of national interest, as ICT and telecom’s infrastructure should be treated as a utility.

The key challenge is to ensure that government’s start to understand and adopt the idea that this is not about taxing the infrastructure, but building new business opportunities on top of the infrastructure.

Budde also believes that the current version of the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs) has served the ICT industry very well in terms of developing the current infrastructure that is in place right now.

Therefore it is important that the ITRs are not changed dramatically, but instead modified to deal with the realities of ICTs in the 21st century.

Paul BuddePaul Budde is the Managing Director of Paul Budde Communication Pty Limited, trading as BuddeComm ( an independent telecommunications research and consultancy organization. BuddeComm has 15 senior analysts and a large international network of researchers and telecoms experts.

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