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When it comes to improving the quality of life for developing nations, education has a huge role to play. This is why the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) – the global professional body for those working in information and communication technology (ICT) – places a heavy emphasis on efforts to accelerate the United Nations […]

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  The broadcasting of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 has set new records, thanks in part to the use of the latest information and telecommunications technologies (ICTs). As a former Olympic athlete, I have had the wonderful opportunity to take part in several Olympic Games, first as a competitive swimmer and in the case of […]


Cyberbullying is a growing global trend. Most recently, Australian police have begun investigating reports that thousands non-consensual explicit images of underage schoolgirls have been uploaded to a website by their male peers. Widespread cyberbullying on Twitter also led to unfounded rumors that the platform would shut down in 2017. (Several international figures, including international celebrities and […]

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Facebook’s recently introduced OpenCellular project hopes to deliver wireless Internet access to the 10 per cent of the world’s population that lives in the most remote places – outside the range of existing cellular networks, and with no access to the Internet. OpenCellular is linked to a flurry of recent Facebook projects to connect the 4 billion still […]


Let’s work together to ensure that no child is left unheard! “I’m not pretty, and people ‘throw it in my face’.” That’s how a 16-year-old girl begins her call to the local child helpline. “They laugh at me and talk about the way I dress; what should I do?” During almost two hours of conversation, […]

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Network function virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN) are seen as crucial to the future of the telecoms industry, with carriers keen to grasp new opportunities to innovate and increase the dynamism of their networks. Last month, Orange and AT&T announced that they would collaborate on NFV/SDN open-source initiatives and standardization efforts, aiming to […]

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To mark International Youth Day on 12 August, ITU News looks at how learning to code can help boost youth employment and close the ICT skills gap. The technology industry is facing a problem: there is a shortage of software development professionals with the coding skills needed to fill the information and communication technology (ICT) […]


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