Towards a robust, innovative and secure DFS ecosystem for the poor Mobile money in Kenya has brought some 70 per cent of the country’s population within reach of financial services, up from just 15 per cent in 2007. But with around 96 per cent of the country’s payments still being made in cash, it is […]


Dr David Wood blogs about the future of radio which will be covered in-depth as part of a special feature on the progress of the digital switchover in the upcoming edition of ITU News. How much is radio ‘worth’ to society? It may seem an impossible question to answer. But, as part of an analysis […]


Established in 1865, one of the founding principles of ITU was to provide a neutral venue for countries’ negotiation of interconnection rates for telegraph networks. The essence of this work lives on in ITU-T Study Group 3 (SG3), our standardization expert group responsible for ‘economic and policy issues’. SG3 is meeting this week in Geneva, […]


Imagine a world where you can relax in your car, while it is driving by itself. Where elderly people can remain mobile and where your car will park itself when you tell it to. Imagine a world where we have drastically reduced the number of traffic accidents. This world may not be that far away. […]


Intelligent transport systems (ITS) and automated driving are fast moving towards widespread commercialization and market acceptance. High levels of automation – the penultimate step to fully automated driving – are expected on the road by 2020, holding great promise to improve road safety, reduce congestion and emissions, and increase the accessibility of personal mobility to […]


The Broadband Commission is a remarkable institution that exemplifies the growing trend of collaboration between multilateral organizations, governments, civil society, and business. The commission follows a process of co-creation, which brings together the different skills and resources of the member institutions – such as financial management, operational skills, on-the-ground knowledge, regulatory or public policies expertise […]


You have a great business idea, but how do you get it from paper to market? What skills do you need to develop the idea and make it thrive as a business? In a recent Google Hangout hosted by the ITU Telecom World Young Innovators Competition to round up a month of activities on Youth and […]


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