Since the development of the first international link between France and England in 1850, the international submarine cable network has provided an important infrastructural foundation for economic and social development around the world. Submarine cables carry signals through a set of glass fibres (previously copper wires) protected by plastic and steel wires. They digitally convert […]

Academia Blog November 2015

Presenting a Mobile Telemedicine Station One of the exciting things about being an academic is having the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to help solve significant challenges that the world is facing today. Unequal access to healthcare is one such challenge that persists in many countries around the world. Such inequalities are often exacerbated and more pronounced when natural disaster strikes; landslides, earthquakes, […]


Next week, on 30 November 2015, ITU will release the annual ICT Development Index (IDI), the most accurate global analysis of information and communication technology (ICT) development. The IDI is a powerful benchmark that helps countries and development partners track their progress and identify gaps so that ICTs can reach their full potential as drivers […]


On 17 November, Geena Davis, ITU Special Envoy for Women and Girls in ICTs, gave a speech to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on the theme of ‘Women and Technology: Increasing Opportunity and Driving International Development’ where she stressed the importance of gender equality in technology. I have spent most of my adult life […]


As we pass the mid-way point of the World Radiocommunication Conference #WRC15, François Rancy, Director, Radiocommunications, talks about the importance of the conference and some of the key issues already addressed by delegates. Radiocommunications play a key role in most of today’s technology. When you use your mobile phone or smartphone to connect to the Internet […]

mobile money[2]

The potential for mobile money platforms to drive economic development and financial inclusion is enormous. In frontier and emerging markets, particularly Africa, pioneering platforms have been transformational in delivering a range of financial services to under-banked and unbanked communities. But as the number of platforms increases – many with different operating models and user requirements […]


Matt Brady still struggles with hearing loss. He suffered permanent hearing damage in 2009 after listening to music on the treadmill at home, playing it at a volume that his parents could hear on the floor below. Soon after, Matt started to experience pain in his head followed by loss of hearing. Today, Matt’s hearing […]


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