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Today, I had the pleasure of speaking at Oman’s Telecom Forum on Law, Regulation and Enforcement on the topic of ‘International Agreements Regulating Telecom Services’. ITU is the custodian of several international agreements regulating telecom services, including our founding Constitution and the Radio Regulations. In my opinion, this Forum is both very important and timely […]

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On 9 February 2016, over 100 countries will celebrate Safer Internet Day #SID2016 to encourage the safe and responsible use of online technology, particularly among children and young people. This year’s theme, ‘Play your part for a better Internet’, highlights the role that we all have to play in ensuring the Net is a safe space for […]


PayPal’s Super Bowl ad on the transformative power of digital finance is expected to reach an estimated 189 million viewers of the American football championship on Sunday. Its more than $5 million USD, 45-second TV ad on one of advertising’s biggest stages shows the importance of the message PayPal is trying to get across to the public. And […]

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ITU and UNITAR co-organized the first Women’s Leadership Workshop to women delegates accredited to the Radiocommunication Assembly and World Radiocommunications Conference. Organized under the theme of ‘Empowering Women in Radiocommunications Negotiations’, this professional training in leadership and negotiations skills gathered more than 30 women from 20 countries.  The workshop gave all participants a unique opportunity […]


The New Year is characterized by a crop of telecom predictions from various research firms, consultancies and industry observers. This year, there have been more articles predicting key trends than ever before, with industry tech forecasts enjoying a clear boom in popularity. Last year’s predictions focused on next-generation software, cloud computing, the Internet of Things […]


UNDP has just released its annual Human Development Report (HDR), entitled “Work for Human Development”, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first edition. This year’s Human Development Report explores how work can enhance human development despite substantial challenges, given that the world of work is changing fast due to globalization and the technological revolution. ITU […]


The numbers and the business case for providing information and communication technology (ICT) accessibility to people with disabilities are compelling. With a billion people in the world (nearly 1 in 7) suffering from some form of disability, most of us will be impacted at some point in our lives. More than 75% of those older […]


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