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ITU, Facebook and ACOPEA launch online safety project in Ethiopia

ITU has teamed up with Facebook to develop a pilot program to promote child online safety in Africa as part of its Child Online Protection (COP) initiative. The collaboration will enable the African Child Online Protection Education & Awareness Centre (ACOPEA), an NGO focused on African child online welfare, to implement a six-month pan-African e-safety […]


#BYND2015 #GetAhead with the ITU

The modern workforce is very different from the workforce of previous generations. While in the past most people would usually stay within the same industry or company for the majority of their career, the current young generation is expected to have an average of 6 substantial career changes in their working life. With this in […]


Bringing Broadband to Everyone

The High-Level Strategic Dialogue takes place on 13 May, a day ahead of the 2013 World Telecommunication/ICT Policy Forum, #WTPF, offering an opportunity to hear top policy pioneers and industry leaders debate hot topics in a low-key setting – in contrast to the more formal procedures of the Policy Forum. ‘Building our Broadband Future’ is a […]


The Power of Conversation

Conversation by definition takes at least two people – otherwise it is just talking to yourself, merely monologue. And it is powerful precisely because it takes two. It’s the basic unit of communication. It involves talking and listening, imparting and gaining knowledge. Sharing information. Conversation is at the heart of human experience – and at […]


Data Trends in a Transnational World

 Trends in Telecommunication Reform is ITU’s flagship regulatory report. Published annually, it is widely recognized as the definitive yearly snapshot of the global regulatory environment. With a focus on ‘Transnational Aspects of Regulation in a Networked Society’, the 2013 report reveals an increasingly complex and interlinked legal and regulatory environment in which decisions taken in […]

Radio Spectrum

Preventing harmful interference to satellite systems

Satellite systems are key communication tools that are increasingly in demand from a large and growing number of requirements, such as fixed, mobile, broadcasting, amateur, space research, emergency telecommunications, meteorology, global positioning systems, environmental monitoring and a host of other communication services. In recent years an increasing number of cases of harmful interference have emerged, […]


Data protection and privacy in the cloud – whose cloud is it anyway?

An individual may choose to give away or trade personal data in the cloud, but it should be an informed choice. One task of an effective regulator is to facilitate the education of consumers on the risks to privacy and to their personal data when using cloud services. However, can policy-makers, regulators and business work […]


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