In February 2007 Craig Barrett, then Chairman of Intel, invited ITU, several other international organizations and a small group of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) – including our nascent organization, the Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs (G3ict) – to present their plans to promote the adoption of information and communication technologies (ICTs) among disenfranchised populations.  Our mission […]


The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has reached an incredible milestone, celebrating its 20th anniversary since it entered into force on 21 March 1994. The challenge of preventing dangerous climate change is immense, but the UNFCCC has led the world towards the realization that dealing with climate change is both a necessity […]


At the 9th meeting of the Broadband Commission for digital development, discussion centered around how to accelerate progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. I’m just back from the Broadband Commission meeting in Dublin, Ireland, graciously hosted by Broadband Commissioner Denis O’Brien. The Sunday morning session focused on the “Post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda,” and […]


Although cities account for only two per cent of global land area, they are responsible for more than 70 per cent of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and 60-80 per cent of global energy consumption. Recognizing the sustainability challenges that cities are facing and the consequent need to revolutionize the way that they function, the […]


The ITU/UNESCO Broadband Commission for Digital Development’s latest State of Broadband report, calls for the universal adoption of broadband-friendly practices and policies, so that everyone can take advantage of the benefits offered by broadband. The report seeks to answer a number of questions, which can help us realize the potential of universal broadband connectivity. It […]


ITU-T Study Group 3 (SG3) is ITU’s standardization expert group responsible for ‘economic and policy issues’, a mandate that is very much a part of the DNA of ITU, an organization first established to broker international consensus on standards to improve the interoperability of international telegraph services and to provide a neutral venue for countries’ […]


ITU has been piloting a multilingual and collaborative remote meeting technology, Interactive Remote Participation (IRP), which allows delegates from across the world to meet face-to-face without the need to travel. For an organization that convenes meetings year-round, this means substantive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and cost savings for ITU and its membership. The IRP […]


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