When speaking of food-safety scares, few incidents in recent memory figure as prominently as the scandal surrounding the 2008 discovery of melamine-tainted infant milk formula in China. The enormity of Chinese food demand and production means that malpractice by a just a small number of companies in the supply chain can come to affect the […]


ITU’s Regional Office for Africa is committed to assisting countries develop a comprehensive Child Online Protection (COP) response that involves action from a diversity of governmental and non-governmental stakeholders across a range of sectors. We are ready to engage with countries in the African region in the design and implementation of effective COP strategies. ITU is […]


Today, on 03rd December, we celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities under the theme Sustainable Development: The Promise of Technology. For ITU, technology, especially Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), plays a key role in the inclusion of persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life. On this special occasion, […]


The Republic of Korea is a land where innovation is gathering speed. I have been discovering this over the past few weeks during the various sessions of the Young ICT Policy Leaders (YIPL) training programme. Established by ITU, this programme gave young people under 35 years of age the unique and exclusive opportunity to gain […]

La Corée du Sud est une terre d’accélération de l’innovation et donc des intelligences collectives. Je l’expérimente depuis quelques semaines à travers les différentes sessions de notre programme de formation des Young ICT Policy Leaders. Ce programme – mis en place à l’UIT – permet à une cinquantaine de jeunes de moins de 35ans et […]


Novel methods of communicating can break down discrimination and dangerous misinformation. RAISING AWARENESS ABOUT HIV amongst sex workers in Thailand can be a difficult task. Why? Because barriers such as stigma and discrimination exist. To overcome such barriers, methods of education and awareness-building have to be innovative; and this was certainly the case when I […]


In order to drive the global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) agenda, we need to set ambitious and achievable targets. The Connect 2020 agenda details such a vision to ensure the continued role of ICTs as a key enabler for social, economic and environmentally sustainable growth and development worldwide. The agenda includes 17 targets for […]


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